127 Great Places To Leave Your Business Cards

These are some great places to leave your business cards and I have starred my favorites.  I encourage you to pick out your favorites and if there is an idea not on the list, please leave a comment.  Challenge yourself to incorporate any of these techniques on a daily basis.  For instance today,  I will be scanning my business card into my email template so that it is visible on every email that I respond to, which for some of us is a great networking tool.






  1. Convention and Visitors’ Bureau card rack
  2. On counters of non-competing businesses
  3. In hotel card racks
  4. Chamber of Commerce card rack
  5. Library and bookstore books, especially how-to’s
  6. In with all product shipments
  7. At trade show booths
  8. On public bulletin boards
  9. In clean public restrooms.  Try dry areas or use tape if necessary
  10. In all sales letters/sales packages
  11. At restaurants and bars
  12. At the barber – many have bulletin boards for business cards
  13. At salons, especially if you offer a relevant and non-competing service
  14. In phone books, specifically public yellow pages where your business is listed
  15. In with all invoices
  16. In with all bill payments – you never know when your payees need your products and services
  17. Gas station counters and card racks
  18. Coffee shops
  19. Under windshield wipers, where legal and relevant!!!!
  20. In doctor office waiting rooms
  21. Waiting rooms for car repair or services
  22. At airports, airport lounges, etc.
  23. At bus stations and bus stops
  24. In taxis; some drivers will hand your business cards out for you for a kickback
  25. Specialty shops, particularly niche retailers relevant to your business and audience
  26. College bulletin boards – on campus
  27. At the bank; network with tellers, loan officers, and managers who will promote your services
  28. With your accountant or bookkeeper, especially if you’re a B2B or residential service company
  29. Business/startup centers if you’re a B2B
  30. Vending areas
  31. Friend and family member automobiles – it sparks conversation, and they might be willing to help distribute your business cards
  32. If you frequently attend meetings by your local chamber of commerce or you stop by your community center on a regular basis, ask the staff if you can leave some of your business cards in a visible spot. Always ask for permission before leaving your business cards.
  33. Bulletin boards you find in your local area. You can find them in public places such as shopping centers, coffee shops, cinemas, theaters, and schools.
  34. If you are sending a present to one of your customers, such as a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers, attach your business card to it.
  35. You can leave your business card on the table every time you pay a bill and leave a tip at a restaurant.
  36. Use the fishbowls in restaurants, coffee shops, and other businesses, to drop some of your cards. They may need your services or products.
  37. If you have magnetic cards, stick them on cars and metallic doors. Magnetic business cards are more expensive than paper cards, so think carefully about where you want to leave them.
  38. Do not be afraid to give more than one business card to people who make good referrals.
  39. Post them on community bulletin boards (churches, laundromats, grocery stores, etc)
  40. Place them in thank you cards, birthday cards, anniversary cards to your clients with your handwritten notes
  41. Make sure you have more than enough to hand out at networking events
  42. Attach business cards to all your bags with products
  43. Place them at the bottom of gifts
  44. For an event place them in goodie bags to hand out
  45. Punch a hole in the corner of each business card and attach them to sucker to hand out
  46. Look for businesses that have a community table where you can place a stack of business cards for their customers to take
  47. Before presentations, attach them to each folder
  48. Make sure you have an electronic copy as your signature of each e-mail ( Go into your email settings and enter your website so that it goes out with each of your email responses)
  49. Use your electronic copy as a banner for your social media platforms
  50. When you are out running errands, use this opportunity to meet new prospects and exchange numbers. Hand out your business car
  51. *Have a card display attached to your car with your business cards*
  52. Attach your business cards to balloons at an event and hand them out
  53. Keep samples in individual bags with your card in each of them. Get their information in exchange for your samples
  54. Have a referral system with professionals similar to you but are not your competition. You keep their cards, and they keep yours and together you spread your business
  55. At networking, events have your card in a clear plastic name tag
  56. At an event, hand out water bottles. Punch a hole in the top right-hand corner of your business cards and tie with a string to each water bottle
  57. Glue your card to clothespins and pin your card everywhere
  58. Stick your card onto a magnet and hand them out
  59. Give a few cards to friends and family to hand out for you
  60. Ask you’re good customers for referrals. Give them cards to hand out for you and for every business transaction that comes from a customer, give them a discount.
  61. Throw a party, hand out your cards to your guests
  62. Place them in individually wrapped bags with candy and hand them out to adults, I wouldn’t recommend teenagers or kids.
  63. Get mini cards and hole punch them for your customers to add to their key chains
  64. Canvas local restaurants and small businesses, and introduce yourself and your products
  65. When you leave a tip, give your business card with a thank you note
  66. Wear a clear lanyard  around your neck at all times with your business card
  67. Keep business cards in stands on tables or counters from businesses in your area. Make sure you make good connections with these business owners and recommend their business whenever you can
  68. Place them in books at your library related to your business
  69. *Stick them in free newspapers*
  70. Go door-to-door and introduce yourself with your business cards and products
  71. Stick them on a hat as a creative way to attract interest to you
  72. Bring a brightly covered basket of your products in crowded places and when people ask you about them, give them your card
  73. You can leave your cards almost anywhere you go.
  74. Check out www.meetup.com for networking meetings near you. Many stores — groceries, coffee shops, and gas stations, for example — have bulletin boards for business cards.
  75. Scan your card and use the image as part of your email signature.
  76. Ask or pay local restaurants to let you place business cards near the checkout counter.
  77. *Create a viral video or photo that includes your business card or create a viral business card design.*
  78. *Pay college students to hand out your cards on different local campuses.*
  79. Place your cards indoors of local homes.
  80. Partner with hotels to leave your cards in the hotel rooms of guests.
  81. Mail your business cards along with other direct mail pieces to a targeted mailing list.
  82. Hire people to hand out your cards in high traffic areas such as in a city.
  83. *Give more than one business card, so your recipients can give copies as they see fit.*
  84. *Print business cards as mini holiday greeting cards.*
  85. Mail business cards with promo codes that customers need to bring in to get a discount.
  86. Create a street team and give members business cards and other promotional items to hand out.
  87. If you have an area where people fall in line, such as checkout counters, leave a stack of your cards where they can reach it. Current customers are one of the most likely audience to check for your other services and they will be tempted to check your card.
  88. *If you need to jot down a note to give to someone, use your business card.*
  89. Get taxi drivers and companies to place a smallholder with your business cards on the divider window of their cabs or on the seats.
  90. 22. Many neighborhoods have welcome wagons to greet new residents. See if you can include business cards for your service.
  91. Apartment buildings often give new renters welcome sheets with a list of recommended services. Get on that list and print out cards for them to give away.
  92.  Upload your business card design to online design galleries such as CardObserver.
  93. Post your business card design on classifieds such as craigslist.org. (no personal addresses and using a business phone and email are wise).
  94. Make sure everyone who works for you has standard or personalized business cards. Personal cards can boost employee morale.
  95. Give away a business card with every product you ship.
  96. Attend community events, network there and hand out your cards.
  97. Partner with real estate agents and agencies to get your business cards to new home buyers.
  98. Business cards provide a wide range of contact information all in one place. That way, customers can choose their preferred method to research or contact your business.
  99. Business cards can be multifunctional. Adding more value to the design increases brand recognition and helps you stand out from competitors.
  100. While you don’t want to be careless about where to put business cards, don’t forget they’re meant to reach a broad audience. Hand out cards far and wide to attract people who might not find you through other channels.
  101. Past clients, people who are impressed with your business are the perfect ambassadors to give out cards.
  102. Malls and food courts, malls draw diverse crowds, which can help you find secondary markets for your business.
  103. Malls are filled with areas where people sit, stroll, and hang out. People are more likely to stop and read your card during idle moments when they aren’t busy shopping.
  104. Many malls also have indoor children’s play areas where lots of parents are sitting nearby. If you can find willing vendors, try leaving cards on store or kiosk counters for anyone passing by.
  105. Relevant books and magazines
  106. Visit local libraries and bookstores, and slip your business card into books and magazines that are relevant to your audience. With this approach, you have a strong chance of reaching people who can benefit from your products
  107. Gyms and recreational centers
  108. Laundromats
  109. *Banks and ATMs* Banks consistently have high traffic and draw people from a wide range of backgrounds. Try asking a manager if you can put a small stack of cards on lobby tables and check desks. People regularly stand at check desks to fill out forms, creating an opportune moment to look at your business details. You can also leave a few by the ATM, where they’re still visible after hours.
  110. Waiting rooms
  111. Train and bus stations
  112. Hair and nail salons
  113. Bookstore lounges
  114. *Retirement homes*
  115. *Employment agencies*
  116. *Local government buildings*
  117. Municipal buildings
  118. Schools and colleges
  119. Industry-specific places to leave business cards
  120. Daycares and entertainment-oriented businesses (Movie Theaters) make sense if you sell family and children’s products.
  121. *Beauty store customers are great to hand a business card*
  122. Coffee shops
  123. City hall
  124. Courthouse
  125. Parks
  126. Ice cream shops
  127. Art galleries
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